Water properties

Chemical analysis

Amount of positive ions g/lt Amount of negative ions g/lt 
Potassium0,0950Silicic Acid0,1000
Sodium3,9000Sulphate sulfur0,5677

0.850 ME (Mache units); 0.3030 Millimicrocurie

Classification of Tropical sources The source “Tropical” are cataloged according to Prof. Dr. Marotta and Dr. De Sica Italy in the catalog of sources, such as alkali-salt-sulphate-ferrous.
The pH of the sources is 7.2.

Effect of radiation therapy through reading
The Radeon is weakly radioactive noble gas and physically soluble in water spa. It emits alpha rays that stimulate the weak activity of the adrenal cortex and gonads, which have a ‘sedative and antispasmodic action, and stimulate the enzymatic activities. The average length of the rays is 3-8 days. The dissolved minerals and alpha rays, with their penetration and temporary stay in the body are engaged with different therapeutic mechanisms of action:
1) local actions on the external skin, mucous membranes, the tissues with which the thermal water is in contact.
2) Action on individual devices to which the thermal water is able to exert a particular effect.

This means that the different minerals and alpha rays procure an effective alleviation of pain and a beneficial influence on the entire body. With the movement in the water, a greater mobilization of the joints, a strengthening of the muscles and improving the general health.